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Annabelle DeGrazio- Our November Mega- Manifestor!

Meet our November Mega-Manifestor, Annabelle DeGrazio! Annabelle is a wife, mother of one beautiful baby boy, and CEO of Taja Collection. She is the perfect example that you can be, do and have anything you want in this life! We are so proud to have her as our Mega-Manifestor this month. Taja Collection candles are the perfect custom gift idea for this holiday season!

Let's get to know her:

Favorite food: Granola

Favorite Workout: Barry's Bootcamp

Favorite way to meditate: I love sitting in the sand, listening to the ocean and breathing - the ocean is my therapy

Favorite place to eat in Miami: Makoto + Pura Vida

Favorite Read: Everything is Illuminated

Favorite way to relax: Listen to a podcast and walk

Tell us a little about your daily rituals/routines.

I start my mornings with a tall glass of water with lemon and a Barry's Bootcamp class. On my ride to work, I always call my sister, which is my bestie and lives in NYC. I love playing music when I get to my office, it sets the tone and helps make the day more enjoyable. You'll hear me say "Alexa, play..." 50 times per day. When I get home from the office, I love going for a 30-minute walk with my son; if the weather isn't great, we opt for a dance party in the living room. Each day ends with a kiss good night from my husband.

What are some of your daily rituals to keep yourself in manifesting and receiving mode?

I recently started journaling in the morning and at night, it's helped me in so many ways, it's my form of meditation.

Who has inspired you most to go for your dreams/goals?

My husband - he is my #1 cheerleader and I couldn't do it without him.

What is your earliest memory of the power of manifesting working for you?

When I was in high school, I remember visiting Vanderbilt university and falling in love with the school. I hung up a Vanderbilt sticker on my wall in my room, looked at it everyday and imagined myself attending. When I received my acceptance letter, it was the first time I understood the power of manifestation.

What were the affirmations you used and books you read to help turn your dreams of owning your own business into a reality?

I always said "you only live once" -- it always put things into perspective and reminded me that I want to enjoy my days in this lifetime, spend my days doing something fulfilling, exciting and challenging. I listened to every episode of the "How I Built This" and "Boss Files With Poppy Harlow" podcasts and watched every Shark Tank episode. Hearing and watching others' journeys was, and still is, so inspiring.

What do you do to avoid negative thoughts and fears?

I just keep pushing through and moving forward. My good friend Ashli Katz taught me to say the thought and say "...and I love that." You accept the negative thought and then send it away... it works!

What is the biggest gift you’ve received through the power of manifestation?

My son - I always wanted to be a mom.

Tell us about your career and how Taja Collection came to fruition.

TAJA was born out of a sincere need for a fully customizable, luxury, non-toxic candle. I was a lawyer at Greenberg Traurig and needed a gift for my secretary for the holidays, I wanted to gift her a beautiful candle with her cat's picture on it, but I couldn't find anything. Fast forward about nine months, I was making candles in the kitchen and shipping out orders! Now, three and a half years later, as TAJA's CEO, I still do it all--from overseeing production, to sales, it's a challenge but so fulfilling.

Do you have any meditation techniques you’d like to share with our readers?

I'm using the Chopra Meditation all and love it!

Are there any self-care techniques that you’d like to share with us?

I love a good hair mask, journaling and a long epsom salt bath.

What is your favorite candle scent?

Queen of Hearts, Sandalwood Pear and Mistletoe (it's holiday season!)

How can our Manifestors follow you?

@annabelledegrazio @tajacollection


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