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Burnout to Balance Boss Babe and Baby MoMa: SANDI GLANDT!

Manifestors!!! Meet Sandi Glandt- Business woman, mother, wife and one of my best friends! She is the reason The Mother Manifestor has been able to go from a hobby to my main source of streaming income! She helps mothers go from hot mess to hot MoMas, burned out women to boss-babes, and coaches women in becoming IN CHARGE of their lives. We are so grateful for you and are SO proud to call you our Mega-Manifestor of the Month.

Favorite food: Sushi (which I can finally enjoy POST pregnancy)

Favorite Workout: Anything including weight lifting- I use Beachbody programs 4x/5x a week

Favorite way to meditate: First thing in the morning and right before bed

Favorite place to eat in Miami: (so many favorites) Baoli, Katsuya, Ice Box for brunch and Swan

Favorite Read: Im obsessed with reading!! I love anything about business, marketing, branding and empowering yourself. I just finished reading Super Attractor, Superfans by Pat Flynn and am currently reading Girl Code

Favorite way to relax: Massage, salt bath, glass of champagne (again, when I'm not pregnant)

What are some of your daily rituals to keep yourself in manifesting and receiving mode?

Planning out my day EVERY single day the night before, staying high vibe with friends, food and what I surround myself with, working out, meditating and reading.

Who has inspired you most to go for your dreams/goals?

My son - After becoming a mom, I strive every day to make him proud and be the best mama, wife and business woman I can be! 

What is your earliest memory of the power of manifesting working for you?

I've always manifest REALLY easily my entire life- I just never knew it was called that until Marie opened up my eyes as to exactly what it was I was doing. My closet friends and family always say "everything comes easy to me" but I believe it's because I've always had great guidance, support and knew the direction I wanted to go and what I was going after. I've manifested getting backstage at concerts when I was younger, landing dream jobs, my husband, incredible friends, my sons and even now with my businesses and all the opportunities that present themselves on a regular basis. 

What were the affirmations you used and books you read to help turn your dreams of owning your own business into a reality?

I've always been super into learning about business, marketing and branding. Even at an early age I watched my dad as an entrepreneur navigate the business world and it always inspired me! There are way too many books to name, but the books that stand out that made a huge impact are The Compound Effect, Go For No, Who Moved My Cheese, 10X Rule and The Power of Positive Thinking. 

What do you do to avoid negative thoughts and fears?

I make it a non-negotiable of mine to stay away from negative people, news, drama and anything that will bring down my energy or vibe. If there is something or someone who is constantly negative or draining I don't allow it in my space to continue or have a place in my life. I protect my energy at all costs because I know I operate on all cylinders when I feel good (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc) so I just make it a non-negotiable to do my part to keep the negativity away from me, my family and ones I love at all costs!

What is the biggest gift you’ve received through the power of manifesting? Meeting my husband. I truly feel like I manifested him at a time in my life when I was open and ready for that next chapter in my life. He was everything I knew I wanted and the universe brought us together at the most perfect time.  Do you have any meditation techniques you’d like to share with our readers?

It was hard for me to start in the beginning. Start slow and start small. Start with doing a small meditation or prayer each day and do what feels good to you. Don't force it if you don't feel it and know that in the right time you will tap into it. I didn't really start tapping into understanding the power of meditation until just recently (a little over a year ago when I met Marie) and she helped open up my eyes to really taking the techniques and learnings of meditation and prayer and incorporating them in my own unique way. It's such a gift and something I don't go a day without doing now. 

Are there any self-care techniques that you’d like to share with us?

Listen to your body. Know when you can crank it up into high gear or when you need to take it down a notch. Only you know how you feel and you need to honor your body. Your biggest blessings will come when you can tap in to listening and trusting yourself - mind and body. Nourish your body - eat healthy foods, move your body every day. Nourish your mind- read, invest in learning and taking courses to grow every single day, get around the right people who push you to greatness. Nourish your spirit (I didn't know how important this was until lately): Meditate, pray, take baths and tap in to what you truly feel you need. When you honor your mind, body and spirit it will show up and provide amazing blessings!

Facebook: Sandi Glandt

Instagram: SandiGlandt

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