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Faith Over Fear- The Bulldog's Determination.

You are the co-creator of your own experience. You are able to deliberately create your reality- for the good and for the bad. Now, I know what you are thinking..who the hell would want to create a reality for themselves that isn’t filled with love, wealth, health, and happiness? Whether we like it or not, our FEAR and our FEELINGS are the major players in the game of manifesting. So you can wake up every morning and state your intentions, pray to G*d and begin your day filled with hope...but unless you're able to stay in that state of positivity and dodge all feelings of worry and lack, you are just manifesting the opposite of what it is you truly want and deserve in this life. Your feelings are so powerful they override the affirmations and prayers that live in your conscious mind. The essence of manifesting resides in the subconscious mind (this part of our brain is significantly more powerful than the conscious). Using our mind to create the life we want sounds simple when said out loud but it can be quite the challenge to undo all of the past patterns, thought processes, learned belief systems, and feelings attached to painful experiences deeply embedded in our subconscious mind. These patterns and feelings are what trigger fear, anxiety, and self-doubt which is why it is important to have daily processes to help take you from the negative to a positive.

MoMa's Tips: (1) Download Audible and use your first free credit to listen to THE PROCESSES: Ask and It is Given Part II. Listen while you're in the car, while you're at home before bed. Turn it on when you're having trouble shaking off the negative vibes. (2) Listen to daily affirmations. Here is my favorite for success: Here is my favorite for love: I listen to these in bed a few nights a week. It's all neurolinguistics; let these affirmations wash away your old thought processes and replace them with positive, loving, powerful affirmations. These types of affirmations help replace fear with faith- knowing who you are and what you deserve!

It's all about strategy. Unless you truly believe that what you want is coming and is what you deserve, it will NEVER come. And that my dear, is on YOU.

You want real love. You want it from a partner who will love, support, and cherish you every single minute of every single day. We all want true love and we all want to feel appreciated. So why is it that some people go through their entire lives and never get to experience true love? To be completely honest with you, it is because WE surround these desires with feelings of lack, concern, impatience, and fear. Example: Every single day you manifest the love of your life to coming to you and marrying you, having children with you, and living happily ever after together. As the days go by, you start to think to yourself, "Why hasn't my soulmate come yet? I've been manifesting and manifesting...where the hell is he/she? This sh!t doesn't work". You have just negated everything you‘ve worked so hard to manifest. And for what? To live in sadness, anger, and pain- now tell me, what's the point in that? I get it. We live in a world of NOW, NOW, NOWWWWWW and when something doesn't happen automatically we start to doubt. I'm here to tell you that the Universe doesn't play that game; Source doesn't play by your rules.

The Law of Attraction rules are as follows: 1. State what you want- ASK. 2. Believe. Know that what you want WILL come because there is NO OTHER OPTION. 3. Receive. Be open to receiving your miracle in the divine way and timing of the Universe. Don't block your blessings because you expect them to come at a certain time; Remember, Source don't play that game ;-)

Everything in divine timing.

Some of us get so fixated on ONE specific partner and put all of our hopes and dreams into a future with that person. A lot of people then ask me why after all of the manifesting, praying, and rituals they have done, WHY this person hasn't come to fulfill their wishes. You answer your own question every time you ask me this. You choose one person, put all of this anxiety as to when they're coming to you, why they haven't come yet, and what if they never come on top of ALLLLL of the diligent manifesting you just did. A lot of times you'll notice when you FINALLY release the person completely they show up at your door! Believe it or not it's because you've released all of the feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness from the situation, allowing it to flourish and come back to you.

When manifesting your miracle, you must be determined to remain ready until you get what it is you're seeking. Napoleon Hill speaks about a "burning desire to win" He explains that using our "bulldog determination and burning the bridges behind us and stake our entire future on the ability to get what you want" (acting fearlessly knowing that there is no other option) will bring you the miracle that you yearn for. Stand by your desire and you will win. Knowing what you want is just one piece of the puzzle- being patient and having that bulldog determination is what will give you the opportunity, chance, or situation (THE MIRACLE) that you've been waiting for. Leave no room for doubt- be so sure that what you want is coming because there is no way it won't come! **Thanks to our First Mega-Manifestor, Jenna G., for guiding us to this book!

When manifesting your miracle, you must be clear as to what it is you want; such a vivid daydream that you can feel the feelings of happiness and joy when receiving what it is you're asking for. Make it your dominate desire and stick with it using that bulldog determination you have in your blood to do what it takes to witness your dream come to life.

In the spiritual world, MoMa likes to call on her favorite archangels for help in all manifestations. Archangel Michael is who MoMa calls on for strength, courage, protection, and guidance. He is our protector and helps bring us from the darkness to the light. Archangel Metatron helps us realize our full potential and helps us find the proper measure for love, work, and recreation. Archangel Raphael is the the angel of healing- an angel MoMa calls on to heal situations, blockages, and traumas embedded in the subconscious mind allowing roads to open and paths to clear. Archangel Chamuel assists in finding the strength and courage to face adversity, helps heal anxiety, brings peace, and helps repair relationships and misunderstandings. Call on these archangels for love, support, confidence, and guidance and watch how quickly the miracle occurs.

**Part II will delve deeper into the spiritual realm for all of your spiritual badasses.

”The truth is you deserve all the good things life has to offer. You know that inherently, because you feel awful when you are experiencing the lack of good things. All good things are your birthright. You are the creator of you, and the law of attraction is your tool to create whatever you want in your life."


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