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I Bet You Think This Blog Is About You

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

**This is NOT about anyone specifically nor is this about any specific instance. Happy Healing!**

Before you came into this physical body, you were a happy, unlimited being. You knew that you are all-encompassing love.

You are full of Spirit and until you truly believe that you will find yourself involved in attachment, addiction, and painful experiences/relationships.

On the path to spiritual enlightenment I found that I needed an intense amount of self-love. My spiritual teacher would tell me every so often, "You need to take better care of yourself," and "Archangel Raphael is calling for you to practice more self-love".

UMMM. What?

I take great care of myself- I workout for a living! I freaking LOVE myself! I actually consider myself to be intelligent, giving, caring, a leader, and love others with everything I have! If you know me, saying these things wouldn’t sound like conceit but more like self-love. I preach love and positivity in all of my classes. I am everyone’s BIGGEST cheerleader. I believe that everyone should see and highlight the good in them because we are ALL good. I created a blog spotlighting people and their accomplishments in order to show/teach people the power of manifesting. I just never understood my mentor in that respect; I'd brush off the statement like lint off a roller and keep moving with the conversation.

It wasn't until I was forced to take a look at the relationships in my life that I finally got what she was saying. I spent my entire adulthood wanting everyone to love me. I would even go as far as saying, I would only try to maintain love relationships with people who didn't give me the love I thought I deserved. I tell myself ALL the time, 'I deserve the greatest love because all I do is give love to others,’ but then I'd turn around and fight for attention from those who didn't love me the way that I wanted to be loved, people who made little to no efforts, and people who didn't appreciate EVERYTHING and ALL that I did to try and make them happy. I'm honestly laughing at myself as I write this. I thought that I had the ability to make people who didn't even love themselves love ME. I thought I could create and maintain someone’s happiness through affection, acts of love, kindness…

NEWSFLASH: No one will truly be able to love you unless they’ve learned to love themselves first. I know, we hear it all the time and usually roll our eyes at the statement.

Just try to follow me here.

A person will never accept and return the love that you show them if they don’t truly believe they are deserving of the love that you provide. Recognition and acceptance of self-love and the knowledge that you deserve the greatest love sits deep within the subconscious mind. So if you think that the person who isn’t loving you the right way loves themselves, take a deep look at how long and hard it is taking/took you to learn to love yourself. You, like me, are probably still learning how to love yourself and receive all the gifts this Universe has to offer.

I see this all the time (and have been guilty of this as well)- especially with friends going through heartbreak. We do so much, we bend over backwards, we put up with SO MUCH BULLSHIT, and then say, “I don’t understand, I’m so good to this person and they don’t appreciate me”.

It is NOT your fault. You were born to love. You were born to receive love and give love freely. You after all, are the reflection of the Universe where only love is real and the opposite of love (fear) is pure illusion.

What is your fault? Allowing yourself to feed into self-doubt, lack of self-worth, and the misery that loving someone who doesn’t love you in return brings. When you project your ideas of love onto someone else it will leave you heartbroken and disappointed EVERY single time.

When you realize that YOU are the love that you need and attachment is just human emotion, you will begin to vibrate at a high frequency of love. High vibrations of love attract positive love energies rather quickly. The more love you have for yourself, the more you will attract the type of love you crave from another. That whole saying, no one will love you until you learn to love yourself- so cheesy yet so accurate!

The more you radiate love, the faster you will attract it into your life. The more you believe you are deserving of a happy life, real love, and all the abundance this lifetime has to offer, the faster you’ll be able to attract only THOSE things and repel anything and everything else that doesn’t vibrate at that same frequency. It’s not a hoax. It is the Law of Attraction.

So now what do you do?

-Release attachment. All that brings anxiety, worry, feelings of lack, guilt, uncertainty, and fear…LET IT GO.

-Change the subject. When the feelings listed above start to creep into your thoughts, CUT THEM OFF. I say, ‘cancel, cancel, CANCEL,’ and restart the thought with what I actually DO want rather than focusing on what I don’t want.

-Speak to the Universe as if you already have what it is you want. For example: If you want to be wealthy, healthy, and loved, you say, “I am grateful Universe because I am filled with wealth, health, and love”. Don’t speak in future terms because you’ll be waiting your entire life for what you want that way; speak as if it’s all already here for you.

-Be open to receive and open-minded in the way you receive what you want. Some of us get so focused on attaining our goals in specific ways that we close our own doors to all of the limitless options the Universe is able to give us what we want. Instead of saying, “I want this relationship to work so badly, please make him/her come to me,” say, “I trust that the Universe will bring to me my most perfect partner and the most beautiful relationship that I know I deserve”. The Universe is infinitely abundant-

with faith, an open mind, and positive thoughts, you CAN receive all of the spiritual gifts Source has for you.

-Believe what you’re saying. Unless you truly believe you deserve the most perfect love and life…I mean really, really believe it..the things you want will never come. And that my dear, is on you.

TRUST, TRUST, TRUST that what you want is something you really deserve (self-love AF) and will come in perfect timing. Walk in confidence that Source WILL provide. Release expectations, doubt, and fear. Realize that you are already complete, you are whole. No other human being will fill the gaps in your soul. YOU have to learn to take that deep look within and confront the missing pieces that you try to fill with love relationships.



Healing can be quite painful and bring things to surface that you’ve hidden deep in your subconscious. A year ago TODAY, I was given guidance for self-healing by my guides that I’d love to share with you.

Lay down and calm your mind. Focus on your breath and release any expectation and worry outside of this ritual.

Start naming experiences that have created pain, hurt, insecurity, fear, and other negative emotions that you can think of.

One by one, place those very instances in a very big balloon. Imagine those experiences being tucked into this hugeeeee balloon until it is completely filled with any thoughts that come to surface.

Tie it up and watch it float into the sky, into space, so far from you that eventually you cannot see it anymore. Release it.

Allow yourself time to cry, heal, release all of these experiences from your mind. Drink a lot of water and get a good night’s sleep. This can be very emotionally draining, so give yourself time to recuperate.


In a love relationship, each person must love two people: themselves and their partner. The flow of inward love will promote a healthy relationship, attract love relationships, and peace within to maintain relationships. I will continue to write about self love, healing, removing toxic relationships and thoughts from your life, and love relationships as it as been part of my karmic duty to do so. Until then...



And remember that you can be anything, do it all, and have what your heart desires!


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