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MoMa's New Year Ritual

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

Setting intentions for the year ahead is very important for every Mega-Manifestor. Here is what you need for MoMa's New Year Ritual:

One Pink Balloon

One Green Balloon

One White Balloon

On a small piece of paper, write down all of your LOVE intentions using the words I AM and speaking as though the things that you are manifesting are already in your hands. Claim the things you want into existence! For example, I am love; I am in love with my soul mate. If you are asking the Universe for your life partner, try to keep it open to whoever the Universe decides is BEST FOR YOU. The Universe is perfect and all knowing- you must trust that! Fold it up and place it inside the pink balloon.

On another small piece of paper, claim all of the goals for wealth and abundance you want to manifest into your life. Be specific with what it is you do want and also welcome ANY other ways the Universe decides to bring abundance into your life. Fold it up and place it inside the green balloon.

On the last small piece of paper, write down all of the things in your life that you want to heal. For example, I am releasing all past patterns that no longer serve me, negative ideas and people, and blockages from my life. Fold it up and place it inside the white balloon.

Blow up all of these balloons and attach them to string. At midnight on New Year's Eve or on New Year's Day (first thing when you wake up) release these balloons and watch them float into the sky. I always say a prayer thanking the Universe for all of the blessings I have and the blessings I know are to come! I state my faith in the Universe that all will always be well and that the universe will choose what's best for me. I release all negative thoughts and fears as I watch the balloons float away.

Happy 2018! Xo, MoMa


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