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Mother, Medium, Mentor- Mega Manifestor

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Erica Korman speak a few times now. I’ve seen the tears. I’ve felt the chills. I’ve witnessed the community she creates every time she gets in front of an audience. She has this magical ability to create bonds, friendships, trust, and so much love in one room in such a short amount of time. Every person who listens to her words is enamored by her presence and so trusting of her energies. I have found myself in tears and always feel a sense of empowerment, strength, and am filled with a little more self-love running through my veins when I listen to her. What she does is definitely a gift from the Universe and we are so happy to be able to share her gift with you guys.

I immediately connected with Erica when first introduced to her by a mutual friend. In the five-minute chat that she spent with me I learned about boundaries, protecting my energy, and cultivating self-love. She reminded me how to surround myself with White Light and enhanced my faith in the Source- I knew that she was sent to me at that exact moment. I needed her guidance and wisdom and was definitely in need of her healing light. Since that day she has become such a great spiritual mentor for me and a beautiful friend in my life.

A natural healer, Erica began her career in New York as a psychotherapist. No one tells her story like she does so I’ll make it short- her road to finding out that she could speak to and see dead people is straight out from a blockbuster movie. Since then, she’s moved to Miami and manifested the most beautiful life doing what she loves and surrounded by loved ones. She is a badass mother, a psychic medium, and spiritual teacher- we are just so honored to call her our Mega- Manifestor!

She doesn't feed you bullshit. She tells it like it is. She‘s one who practices what she preaches. She turns her phone off every night for a few hours to spend time with her family. She “shuts off” her psychic abilities to remain sane. She protects her energy and is not afraid to block out the bad vibes. Erica has the ability to help you realize your truths and guides you to removing your own blockages. After watching speak to a crowd of Miami female entrepreneurs, I went home, made myself a bath, turned off my phone, and took a few hours just for me. She made me realize that unless I was taking care of myself I would NEVER be able to take care of others the way I wanted to. She was right. Erica wasn't even speaking to me specifically that day but she spoke to my soul. She told me what I needed to hear:

1. Create boundaries. NO, is a full sentence.

2. Make yourself a priority and make family time a must.

3. You are capable of creating anything and everything you want in this life

4. You deserve the love you give to others so freely.

5. You are so loved.

These are all lessons that we can sit there and say, "Oh, I knew that already"- but do you really? Do you disconnect from the world a few hours a day to give that time completely to your child/children? Do you have daily or even weekly rituals of self-love and self-care practices? Do you truly believe that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have? Do you say NO to the shit you do not want to do?

Erica is a master at her craft yet remains so humble and approachable- can you tell that we love her? If you ever get the opportunity to hear her speak or join one of her seminars,we highly suggest you do. Whether you are on your own spiritual journey, looking for more self love, in need of guidance in love, life, or business, looking for more balance, or just wanting to speak to a dead relative- she’s your girl!


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