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Red Bottoms & Reformers

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Meet our February Mega-Manifestor, Aryan Rashed! Aryan is one of MoMa’s closest friends and biggest mentors. This lawyer turned business guru is proof that you can be intelligent, beautiful, kind, charitable, and a BADASS all at the same time! You’re going to love her!

Aryan grew up in Maryland before heading out to study at Berkeley, majoring in Political Economy. She worked at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in the Women and Public Policy Program before heading off to Stanford for grad school. Aryan continued on to pursue her law degree, clerked for a Federal judge worked for Homeland Security, and an IP firm before pursuing her passion in fitness! Shortly after, she became and ambassador for lululemon, started a fitness program for people living with disabilities, and now JetSet is in expansion mode!

We describe manifesting as creating something from nothing. What is your earliest memory of creating something in your mind and turning it into your reality?

I have early memories of visualizing places I’d want to be, people I’d want to meet, and goals I wanted to achieve. I always kept a journal and wrote religiously in it through academia. I do remember that I wanted to be school president when I was in elementary school, and with enough campaigning, I made that happen! I even believe I rapped in front of my whole school! Wow.

What are some of your daily rituals that help you to keep accomplishing your goals?

Living near the beach here in Miami, I walk up and down the beach once a day and meditate. I also like to wake up very early and get things done for my clients and business before anyone is awake.

What do you do to avoid negative thoughts and fears when it comes to manifesting (creating this huge business and all its success)?

We all have that nasty inner critic inside of us. On some days that inner critic is louder than others, but it’s our job to recognize it and tell it to go away. I try to do this by repeating daily affirmations and reminding myself of who I am. I’ll never forget that our school counselor in elementary school taught us how to do this. I think it’s imperative that we teach children to do this at an early age. It all starts with love.

Who inspires you? What are your favorite books/speakers when it comes to guidance for business success?

My parents inspire me because they have been supportive through both success and failure. I also am part of a global program called Entrepreneurs Organization, where I meet an awesome group of entrepreneurs monthly who keep me accountable, help me with big decisions, and keep me motivated to think BIG! I do like The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki.

What is your biggest accomplishment that you credit to the power of manifestation?

The growth of JetSet. I saw how much people loved the program and experience and wanted to continue to offer it in different communities. I would spend time in different communities and think about whether it would be the right fit and how I could bring people together. Now, I’m manifesting JetSet in more places than South Florida!

What’s you best advice for someone trying to start their own business?

Embrace failure. Entrepreneurship is not a linear path for most people. You will have lots of highs and lows, and you have to know how to accept criticism and learn from your mistakes in a very humble way.

Tell us about your work with the Sabrina Cohen Foundation.

Sabrina and I crossed paths because I started an adaptive fitness program for people with disabilities at Jackson, and she had a huge dream to create a one of a kind adaptive facility here in Miami Beach. I was incredibly honored when she asked me to be on her board, and in this last year, the Foundation received approval from the City of Miami Beach to make her dream a reality. Her persistence and dedication to changing people’s lives motivates me in ways I can’t explain. She is a true star. The program will offer a wellness program including yoga, Pilates, art therapy, strength training, gym access and wide range of beach activities. The beach program is already active!

You have been such an inspiration and mentor not only for me but for so many others. You’ve been able to guide so many of your instructors to pursue their dreams in big ways. No question here, just wanted to show love for all that you do for others!

Our staff at JetSet is pretty incredible and diverse. As I've gotten to know our staff, I know that each member has a dream both inside and outside of JetSet. I want JetSet to be bigger than a place of work. I want to help foster connections, mentorship, growth, and ultimately make sure people are on the paths they most desire. Some of my most meaningful friendships and experiences have come out of JetSet, and I want this to be the same for our dedicated family.


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