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See it in Your Mind and You WILL Hold it in Your Hands.

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

I've always been a woman who worked. I was raised in a home that believed the harder you worked the greater the pay off. I spent a great portion of my life following what my parents wanted me to do- go to a Catholic school, dance, voice lessons, acting, honors student, piano lessons, nursing school, get married, have a child...I spent so much time trying to make other people happy that I never even stopped to think of what my own happiness consisted of. It wasn't until my early 20's when I realized that I had NO clue what made ME happy. Don't get me wrong- my parents gave me all of these tools because they wanted to give me the best of everything that they could and believed that their paths made them successful and therefore, I had to follow in their footsteps.

But..I am a true Aquarian at heart. I ONLY go full force if it is something that I love and truly believe in. I found group fitness. I fell so deeply in love that I found myself scheduling everything around taking two classes daily. I daydreamed about being on the podium; counting in and out of songs and directing people to the healthiest, happiest, versions of themselves. I went as far as feeling the spotlight heat hit my shoulders, making eye contact with people in the crowd, and handing out high fives to people at the door as they left my class in a state of euphoria. I saw it in my mind and (3 months later) held it in my hand! I felt the feelings of happiness caused by motivating a crowd; I felt the feelings of pride filling up the stadium with smiling clients and I made it come to life. I knew in my heart that this was something that I COULD do, and do REALLY WELL.


See it. Believe it. Ask for it. And it WILL COME. No spirituality involved at this point; just the strong belief that I could do it.

And then eventually I needed more. I needed to connect with clients on a deeper, more meaningful level. I spent more time outside of the stadium doors mentoring, listening, and loving the people who came to my classes. I needed a way to reach more people and help more than just the people coming to class in Miami. I was also yearning to fulfill my dreams of starting a charity and classes benefitting children. And selfishly...I wanted to work less teaching so that I could have more energy for my toddler. So I placed my order with the Universe. "Your wish is My command," right? RIGHT.

I vividly remember this moment, partially because it was not so long ago but also because it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I was having "a day"- I was over worked and dealing with the stomach flu, my body was tired, I was feeling guilty because I was unable to give my son the energy he deserves, and for all of the work I had wasn't enough for everything I needed to pay for that month. I went from angry, to guilty, to frustrated, to sad. I decided at that point it was just best to close my eyes and turn on the audible version of "Ask and it is Given," a book multiple friends of mine in that week had told me I needed to read. Esther Hicks explains in the beginning of the book how she was able to connect with her guides through meditation. I thought, 'I can do that...that's easy'. So I laid in bed half awake and cleared my mind. I let my guides know that I was ready, willing, and able to hear anything they had to tell me. Shortly after something VERY different started to happen to my body- I started to tingle from my feet all the way up to the crown of my head. Everything gets a little fuzzy from that point on but I remember being urged to sit in from of my laptop and let the words spill out of me. And guess what? The Mother Manifestor was born. I didn't even remember what I had written until I had brought up the idea for a website to my soul sister after watching a documentary on Jim Carrey (he made manifesting sound so simple, the Universe guided me to creating a site based around interviewing mega-manifestors).

Now, I know to some of you I may sound crazy and that's okay! Click that top right box with the X and come back when you're ready for what I have to say. For those of you who are trying to find your life purpose, who want to align with the Universe, here are some of my suggestions.

1. Quiet the mind. You don't need to know how to meditate to allow ideas to flow to you. I simply laid down and let someone speaking positive thoughts flow to me. YouTube has countless positive affirmation videos (and soon so will MoMa) that you can play in the background as you lay with your eyes closed focusing on nothing but your breath. I enjoy being guided when I'm outside connecting with nature. I sit in the sand, I put my feet in the water, I indian style in the grass with the sun beaming on top of my head...and I just listen. Don't get frustrated or force thoughts to come to you. Sometimes just closing your eyes and thinking about the things you're grateful for will bring on the types of feelings that attract more good to you.

2. PAY ATTENTION. Sometimes the signs come while you are moving through your day! Prime example: I was teaching a Pilates class to a bunch of moms and voiced my concern for my son's never ending cough. The moms mentioned doTerra- a brand of essential oils that they use for any and every ailment their toddler has- and the next day I brought it up to someone I was friends with who connected me directly to the woman (someone I was already friends with) who is now launching a MoMa line of essential oils for common children's ailments and some goodies for MoMas.

3. ACT. The Universe is constantly answering your wishes (prayers, intentions, ideas) but unless you're willing to take action NOTHING will happen. The mega-mega-manifestor Albert Einstein states, "Nothing happens until something moves". When you get the idea, the inspiration, the people, places, situations dealt to you, YOU MUST ACT or your intentions will never be answered. AND THAT IS YOUR FAULT. Put your request out into the Universe and then be willing and able to receive the answers Source gives you.

4. Believe. Believe that what you ask for is coming and shun all thoughts that don't align with those beliefs. If you catch yourself in a negative thought either CANCEL it out or start thinking of something else completely. Placing your order with the Universe and then releasing is a great way to start if you're in fear of not being about to control your feelings. You don't benefit at all from self doubt, worry, or negative vibrations- why would you allow those things to rule you? I created this site because I BELIEVE that there is NOTHING we cannot be do or have and look where it has taken me! Give yourself the opportunity to win by simply believing that you deserve it all- because you FKING DO!


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