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The Epic Entrepreneur: July Mega-Manifestor- Melitsa Waage

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Book Authur, Radio Show Host, Fitness Champion, Founder of Epic Talks, Creator of Detoxify Your Mind, Philanthropist and Mindset Coach Melitsa Waage is living proof that you can BE, DO and HAVE A N Y T H I N G you want in this life. We love this woman's story, strength, confidence and ability the mega-manifest. This is YOUR YOU-NIVERSE and you can have it all!

Fun Facts About Melitsa:

Favorite food... depends on what mood I'm in so here are a few... sushi, pizza, and ice cream! 

Favorite workout... I love weights and looking myself in the mirror as I do them lol. jk

Favorite way to meditate... watching the sunrise on South Pointe in Miami Beach... however most of the time it happens the moment I wake up laying down in my bed. lol

Favorite Read: I love books that provide and give me direction in life, books that inspire me to step into the best version of myself. 

Favorite way to relax: it's hard to pick one thing... i love floating in the ocean without a care in the world... bathing in the sun, getting an amazing massage, meditation while watching the sunrise...

What are some of your daily rituals to keep yourself in manifesting and receiving mode?

10-15 Morning meditations, write down 5 things I'm grateful for every morning, making my bed the moment I wake up. This is how I set my day up for success! 

Who has inspired you the most to go for your dreams and goals? Me, myself and I. Please don't take this the wrong way... however I consider myself to be my own hero. There is so much more to this answer. 

What is your earliest memory of the power of manifesting working for you? 

I realized today during our interview that I have been manifesting my entire life. Everything I have ever asked for I have received. I truly believe we all have that superpower!

What were the affirmations you used and books you read to help turn your dreams of owning your own business into reality? 

Affirmations " I am worthy of creating anything I want." "I am amazing and I'm created for greatness." 

Books: Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Start With Why by Simon Sinek, 

These 3 books had a profound impact on my life when I started my entrepreneurship journey. 

What do you do to avoid negative thoughts and fears?? I face them and I have a conversation with them. After understanding their language and accepting their purpose in my life, I say thank you for the lesson and release them. 

What is the biggest gift you've received through the power of manifesting?

Finally understanding that everything I have ever asked for has always presented itself to me. My wish Is my command. 

Tell us about your career and how Detoxify Your Life came to fruition?

I don't think of what I do as a career. To me, it's a way of living. For example: when you eat healthy all the time... it's not called a diet... it's called a lifestyle.

In other words, Detoxify Your Life is a way of living. Detox your relationships, your friendships, your food, your mind... anything that doesn't serve the best version of you... get rid of it... DETOX FROM IT!


Do you have any meditation techniques you'd like to share with our readers?  

When meditating I take deep breaths in and out for 15 minutes... 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out. Focus on the breathing the entire time! 

Are there any self- care techniques that you'd like to share with us? 

Meditate every morning, write down 5 things you are grateful for, workout every morning, surround yourself with amazing people, and only do things that bring joy into your life. 


Melitsa Waage @melitsawaage


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