This Woman Is The Light: October Mega-Manifestor Justina Schiccatano

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

First and foremost I am dedicated to having a positive impact on the world through the lives I am blessed to touch. I am a wife, mother, and driven business owner. My journey has been long with a lot of twists and turns. After 16 years in the beauty industry working for bald men I thought it was time to step up and work with incredible, women and develop a business that is for women and by women. This is just the first phase of LASH MIA where my direct impact is client facing but the vision is to have multiple lash salons and a product line where the impact can reach the careers of women world wide.

What are some of your daily rituals to keep yourself in manifesting and receiving mode?

Gratitude. If you keep your heart and mind focused in gratitude nothing but blessings will come your way. I also keep a clear picture in my mind of path forward this helps me bring it all to life.

Who has inspired you most to go for your dreams/goals?

All the women in beauty based careers working for male leadership facing discrimination, harassment, without the opportunity to thrive push me to create a brand for women by women. I was one of these women facing daily harassment, watching my male counterparts with less experience get promoted with no opportunity for career growth. It is so rampant that is seems only normal. Especially because there are no opportunities in the industry that offer thriving safe environments for women to grow professionally.

What is your earliest memory of the power of manifesting working for you?

It's difficult to pinpoint because I think maybe it is a characteristic I developed at a very young age. I grew up in a blended family without much direction or support. If I wanted something I had to make it happen. Nothing was given to me. No one helped me along the way even as a small child. And so I began envisioning a path forward and put focus on how I wanted my life to feel, the experiences I wanted to have and how I could make them reality. Now it is a way of being for me. Every development for me starts with a vision, it start off unclear. The vision starts off blurry with no detail. As I obsessed over it I start to put the detail in and start to think how it will look, feel even smell. And with hard work and focus the vision blossoms into reality.

What were the affirmations you used and books you read to help turn your dreams of owning your own business into a reality? 

My favorite books are "How to Win Friends and Influence People" "Talk Like TED" "Leaders Eat Last" and "the Co-Parent Handbook" I try to keep a positive outlook even when bad things happen or disappointing outcomes. I always try to find the positive purpose, especially in painful moments.

What do you do to avoid negative thoughts and fears when it comes to manifesting?

I love fear! Fear is a powerful motivator forward. If I am not feeling a smidge of fear always I know I'm not growing. And to me not growing is just a a step towards dying. 

What is the biggest gift you’ve received through the power of manifesting?

I think my family is the best gift. I don't think I was purposefully manifesting but in my heart my husband and son are exactly what I needed, when I needed it.

Tell us about Your business and how it came to life.

I was working for yet another corporate beauty brand made by men, ran by men, with male clients and it was having a negative impact on my life and my marriage. Even men who think they are good people doing good are making decisions that have negative impacts on women's lives. I wanted to go through IVF to have a baby and my previous employer was not supportive of the process, a potential pregnancy, maternaty leave or the support I would need to breastfeed a baby. The decision was very clear to me at that point. I had to move on. I began to think of a way out and lashes were on my mind. As a lash client I couldn't find the style of lash extensions I wanted to wear and I wasn't having the experience as a client I thought I should have been having for the cost. Naturally I though why don't I open a lash salon. At first the vision was Grand and felt pretty impossible... I started to put a progressive business plan into place. As a cosmetologist for 16 years I knew I could start small with just me and grow step by step. Within 4 months my business was exploding and I was able to support my family on my lash business. Fast forward a year and we have a product line in development. The next phase will be launching the product line and securing the location for our 6 chair lash salon. 

how can we set up an appointment with you?

I believe in customer experience, flexibility, and availability. With this in mind I make it easy to book appointments. You can go through Instagram or our website and book directly online. You can also just reach out by phone, text, or DM and we can book your appointment for you. @bylashmia 512-897-8769

Do you have any meditation techniques you’d like to share with our readers?

This is something I need in my life that I have not mastered! Yoga helps but this is something I need to work on myself and am not in a place to give advice. Just know it's difficult especially in today's world and never give up.

Being a business woman and mother is quite the challenge! What are some of the ways you balance work and family life without losing yourself in the process?

Family is ALWAYS first. Always always always. I believe your business will not thrive if your family is not in the forefront. My son loves our business is actively engaged in the business. He understands that this is how we thrive. I think your family should actively take part. When everyone works hard towards to health of the family and the business the journey is more rewarding. My son says team work makes the dream work.

Are there any self-care techniques that you’d like to share with our MoMas?

I am trying to do more self-care. Actually I trade services a lot for self-care. If you aren't well, if your family is not well, your business will not be well. The first step is to know your body and mind must be a priority. You also have to know you cannot be a good wife or a good mother if you are not healthy and happy. You also have to know that everything you do to yourself and for yourself is going to be emulated. Look after yourself the way you want your children to look after themselves as they grow.

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