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Co-Creating Your Best Life: Yes You CANNIE!

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Picking this month's Mega-Manfestor was a NO BRAINER here at MoMa. Annie is not only beautiful (on the inside and outside), she is strong, intelligent, and one radiant MoMa-to-be! Kind, compassionate, witty, and so loving- We are ecstatic to call you our April Mega-MoMa, Annie!

We describe manifesting as creating something from nothing. What is your earliest memory of creating something in your mind and turning it into your reality?

The silver-lining to being a Type-A Virgo is having laser-focus superpowers when it comes to achieving goals. When I was 7, I decided I needed to re-design my bedroom--the aesthetic simply wasn’t right. I wish I was kidding. I didn’t know I was manifesting, but I had everything completely visualized. My parents agreed, upon the condition that I pay for the changes. Fundraising options for 7-year-olds are tight, so I would lend my dad money and charge him exorbitant interest. I was probably committing usury.

What are some of your daily rituals that help you to keep accomplishing your goals?

Practicing gratitude has been a game changer for me. Every night I think of three things I am grateful for. It could be people, a specific moment in the day, whatever comes to mind. This grounds me, and helps me focus more energy on visualizing the goals that matter most.

What/who gave you the courage to pursue your dreams? What were the affirmations you said to yourself to turn your dreams of owning your own business into a reality?

My parents raised me with an incredible sense of self-confidence and self-worth. They have always been my biggest supporters. It’s funny because I can’t even take credit for any affirmations about how TAJA initially started. The truth is, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to be a lawyer, and I was in the process of checking off all the goals I had created for myself: attend dream law school- check; land dream job at lawfirm- check. I was, however, manifesting changes in my personal life. I wanted to be surrounded with positive and supportive people. One affirmation I often repeated was, “Good people come into my life every day.” That’s when I met my future TAJA co-founder, Annabelle Torgman.

What do you do to avoid negative thoughts and fears when it comes to manifesting (creating this huge business and all its success)?

For me, being self-aware is key. Negative thoughts don’t just disappear. My trick is to acknowledge a negative and replace it. If, for example, I notice myself thinking something like, “ugh, why did I forget to follow up with John,” I’ll immediately replace it with a positive thought. I may even say it out loud, something like, “I’m doing a great job and I’m doing the best I can.” It sounds crazy but it really works.

Tell us about TAJA and how it came to life.

Annabelle and I were working for the same BigLaw law-firm. It was the holidays and we were looking for gifts for our assistants. Both of our assistants liked candles, but all the options out there seemed so impersonal. We both really loved our assistants and wanted to find a way to make the gift more thoughtful. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for (customizable candles) it sort of became an obsession. For better or worse, when I set my mind on something I can be like a dog with a bone. Soon we were trading in our law careers to learn how to make candles in my kitchen—and I couldn’t be happier.

What is your biggest accomplishment that you credit to the power of manifestation?

Well, after August, my answer will definitely be becoming a mother. Until then, and this may seem bizarre, I am so proud of my relationship with myself. Although my parents raised me to love myself, somewhere along the way I got lost. It was only through the power of manifestation and positive thinking that I was able to re-gain true self-love.


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