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The Path of Least Resistance

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

"Your truth is what heals"- Gabby Bernstein

As I look at this blank page wondering what it is I am supposed to write, a little bit of fear, anxiety, and doubt crosses my mind in such uneasy ways. I mean let's be honest, I am human. Judgement, doubt, and insecurity love to try and visit my subconscious mind often- I would even say daily. Some days only for a few seconds and others for hours unend.

I could sit here forever and write about how I was divinely guided to creating this website in hopes that I could lead others to move past the point of negativity and release resistance and into positive manifesting mode. That IS my goal. But I'm also here to self heal. I am just a normal, spiritual woman, looking for ways to manifest all of my dreams to reality. A lot of you are on my site because you are in need of self-healing as well. My biggest dream is to help heal others effectively...and then when I open my laptop to begin another blog I ask myself, 'how am I supposed to do that when I am not even completely healed?'.

I then realized...that's the beauty of this blog. We are here to heal together- to go on this journey together, support one another, remind one another to RELEASE RESISTANCE and let the Universe divinely guide us to bringing our ambitions to life. We all came to this earth with the knowledge necessary to create the life we want and then somewhere along the way we forget, get brainwashed, or broken down, and lose sight of who we are and what we are capable of doing.

So here I am- releasing resistance and allowing words to just flow through me. My guides had told me to burn Olibanum when I write for the next six months (my spiritual mentor is very in tune) and trust me when I say I had no idea what that was used for until after I purchased. Olibanum is used to release chronic stress and anxiety (thanks angels) and so I'm assuming my guides knew exactly how I'd be feeling as I put words to paper.

I sit here with ideas flowing through me at 3am, 4am, and 5am every single day. Why is that? I teach fitness for a living...I can't be up all night and teach classes all day! It's because I am at the point of least resistance when I am half asleep. There are no moments of doubt or fear when I'm laying in bed thinking about absolutely nothing. My greatest ideas (this website, charity, MoMa movement) have come to me in this deep meditative state. It is when my subconscious mind isn't on high alert that I'm able to let Source flow through my veins. And then I started to wonder, wouldn't it be fabulous if I could figure out a way to allow these grand ideas flow through me and to me during normal hours of the day?!

So as I sit here trying to figure out how I’ve released resistance in the past, I am reminded of my spiritual mentor’s advice. She told me to read THE POWER OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. There is a lot of powerful advice in this book- I highly recommend it. This book also explains how our subconscious mind can manifest the most beautiful life (when your thoughts are constructive and loving) or a life of great sadness.

We are able to transform our subconscious mind with the power of our feelings. FEEL the FEELINGS of love, happiness, peace, and success. Be the creator of your life using these beautiful feelings and watch yourself slowly move from a life of negative thoughts and trying experiences to a life filled with positive thoughts and bring positive experiences. This book taught me one of the greatest tricks for manifesting- to thank Source (the Universe) for the things that I want as if I already have them. How genius is that? The feelings of gratefulness and satisfaction are so powerful. It is easy to move from a negative state to a positive one if you allow your brain to believe that what you want is already in your hands. This same method is also spoken about in the movie, “The Secret”. The Secret is great for those of you who are still questioning the Law of Attraction because there are testimonials from people who use this Law and have been able to create their reality.

The reason I am able to hit publish on this blog post is because I have allowed myself to feel the feelings of fear and insecurity, move past it, and decide to move forward positively and fearlessly. The satisfaction of helping even ONE person with this blog post outweighs any of the fear that I feel. The feelings that come to me when thinking about how many people will benefit from my honesty in this post are just so beautiful. I’d rather live in those feelings then ever let self-judgement take over. As I re-read this post (I like to sit in front of the computer when the Universe gives me the nudge and let words just spill out of me) I witness my ability to move out of negativity and into a positive state. Here is where I belong- here is where I’d like to stay- the MoMa movement.


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