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Strong and Feminine Leader, Life and Business Coach, Creator of Katya Love Skincare: Natalia Kern!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Meet our June Mega-Manifestor, powerhouse Natalia Kern!

Natalia Kern is an inspiration to all women and proof that you CAN create the life of your dreams with determination, hard work and a hell of a lot of faith. Natalia is a mother of two beautiful children, a devoted wife, serial entrepreneur, creator of Kern Cosmetics and co-founder of Project In Charge (a community serving women worldwide).

Watch how this strong and feminine woman co-created her dream family, businesses, and LIFE!

We are so proud to call you our June Mega-Manifestor of the Month. We know you'll love this kind-hearted, loving incredible soul just as much as we do!


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